Sunday, February 15, 2009

My New Bed

Good morning. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I am a little tired this morning after staying up to order all the new stuff at midnight from PTI. :) But after ordering I got to climb into my brand new bed. Its been about 12 years since I have had a new bed so I deserved one! I got a good deal on the head and foot board too. Its HUGE! The empty stand next to it is also new and I havent put anything in it yet. I also have to take out my elliptical and treadmill and put it down in my scrapbook room. The new bed just takes up too much room. Thats my treadmill over there covered up by my Patriots blanket. :) And yes thats a Patriots pillow on my bed. :) If i was 16 again I would have my Tom Brady poster on my bedroom wall. :) But I put all those in my scrapbook room instead. I will be back later or tomorrow with something crafty to share. I just wanted to share my new bed this morning.
Have a great day!



Ami said...

Oh it's so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haley said...

i love it! but oh no you'll never want to use your treadmill or elliptical now if it's in your scrapbooking room! :)

Angela said...

I'll just have to use it down there. I have a TV and stuff so it will be OK. There just isnt room in here. Way to cramped with all that in here.

Anonymous said...

new furniture! COOL! But I'm still trying to figure out the colors on your wall. You will have to show a better photo of that!