Friday, February 13, 2009

Bitty Blessings Card

YAY its Friday baby!! Who does not love Fridays! Last day of work for the week! Of course I cant really complain about my job at all. I work with the best people and have the greatest boss you could ever ask for! Unlike my friend Haley. She has a douche for a boss! And see she cant complain about him on her blog because she lives in a small town and the more people that read her blog, the better the chance of word getting back to him that he is a douche. So, that is where I come into the picture. She doesnt know it but I am going to vent for her and tell the blogging world that her boss is a big butt!! He needs to get a life and leave her alone! He doesnt want me to show up and punch him! Cause I will. And also, if anyone knows of good jobs that arent inthis silly state of ours let me know. :) She prefers warm weather all year long. I prefer she move to Nashville so I can visit all the time. :)
Anyway, I made this card using everything from PTI. I just love that company so much! The only thing I used that was not PTI was the scallop border punch which is from SU. I paper pieced the little onesie. I think it came out super cute! I got the card idea from one of the zillion magazines I have laying around here. I used the sketch from that magazine.
Hope everyone has a super great Friday!



Kimmie0270 said...

What a darliny and sweet card.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Super Cute!

Danni said...

Very cute!

haley said...

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! omg i had tears from laughing so hard! best blog ever... hands down! and a really cute card. maybe i'll get it someday if i ever dedide to have a baby! lol

Ami said...

LOL. Great card and poor Haley working for a douche. Love your choice of words hahahhahaha. Man did I have my share of those at Vz. MEAN PEOPLE SUCK.