Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ribbon, Ribbon and More Ribbon

So who out there in blogging land has an abundance of ribbon? I know I do. I seem to use it on most of my cards and scrapbook pages. Its just a nice embellishment for anything you are creating. Below are 2 pictures of how I have my PTI ribbon stored. The first container is full and I have started on my second. Its really a nice way to store it. I can see what I have and what I want to use at a glance.

Full Container of PTI ribbon:

Second container of PTI ribbon. Soon to be full. :) I can see myself needing alot of these containers!

OK, and here is my HUGE problem!! This is some more of my ribbon that I havent a clue how to store. I bought the dollar store out of the wooden clothes pins but have never taken the time to wrap them. Maybe I should. Maybe I shouldnt. I just dont know. All these ribbon is just sitting in a big pile. Some in containers, most sitting outside of containers. Then I have another priority mail box full of more ribbon. I just dont know what to do with it all!! Any suggestions?
Oh and BTW, I made sure I got some of my Patriots stuff in the picture. :) All the walls of my craft room are full of Patriots stuff. I'm a buff I tell ya!



Babies- Beth said...

Angela, where did you get those containers? the PTI ribbons look great in there! Why not have all of your ribbon in those containers? I've never undestood how 15 feet or ribbon (the biggest spools) would fit on the clothespin, lol... but what about making the rectangle of stiff cs and putting the ribbons on there, then in plastic bins like you have?

Babies- Beth said...

ok, new thought: roll all of that ribbon on the pins you have, get big clear jars and sort them by color. the white paper holders underneath look great! If you had 2 more of them you could have paper running acoss your vision in a rainbow, with the ribbon on top of the counter doing the same thing! I'm a Pats fan, too, of course, but I'd hang some of the stuff onthe wall, and get clear jard for buttons and line them upon the shelf!

sarita said...

great idea from Beth (babies) ooorrr - you could take the ribbon piled on that table - put it in the pti box and send it on to me!! i do like the idea of putting the ribbon on the clothes pins and putting them in clear jars sorted by color...pretty i think..