Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Little Saturday Night Fun

So I saw over on Melinda's blog a neat little thing that you can do over on google. She saw it on the Paper Pleasing blog. So I thought since I am sitting here waiting on the PTI release party that I would do it.

What you do is go to google and type in "Angie Needs" but in your case put your first name. Leave the quotations in place. Then come back to your blog and list the first ten things it says. Below are what it says I need.

1. Angie needs an agent. An agent? For what? That an undercover agent? Hmm, interesting.
2. Angie needs food. no I dont. Really, I just ate dinner like 3 hours ago. I could go for a beer though.
3. Angie needs some self esteem and self love. Now this I buy. Always had problems with self esteem.
4. Angie needs to triple it. To triple what? Confusing!
5. Angie needs a nap. Nope, again just had one earlier today so I could stay up for the release party.
6. Angie needs a night of blinding sex. WHAT???!!! Really, it did say that on google. LOL!
7. Angie needs guidance. LOL, thats all I have to say.
8. Angie needs to become an actress. No I dont. I am good with the job I have. Of course I would make more money.
9. Angie needs sleep. Apparently google really wants me to take a nap.
10. Angie needs to let her fear go. My fear of what? I would tend to believe this. If I could let my fear of some things go maybe I could get rid of my annoying OCD!!!!!

OK, that was a fun little game to pass the time. Now you go try it and see what it says about you. Haley if you read this I am sure you will do it. :) Cause its just the type of thing you would like. :)


haley said...

OH YES! i will do this. but not at 4:09am when i JUST got home from indy. still a little buzzed. oops! keri drove. fyi!!! :)

now go take a nap! ha.

Ami said...

This looks like it could be fun. I'll have to try it and see what it says after I get rid of this huge headache.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that hysterical! Such a fun sillly thing to do!