Saturday, February 7, 2009

Meeting Tony Dungy

So this past Wednesday the now former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts came to town to sign copies of his new book "Uncommon." I am sure by now everyone knows that I am NOT a Colts fan by any means but I really like Tony Dungy. He is just an all around good guy and a great football coach. I really enjoyed reading his first book called "Quiet Strength" so I picked up his new book as soon as it came out. I have only read a couple chapters but I am sure its a good book. I got to Wal-Mart at 4:15 and there were already people in line so I decided after a few phone calls with my son to wait in the line. Tony was not coming until 7!! What a long wait. My kids got dropped off about 6:45 and it was worth standing in line to make my son so happy meeting his favorite coach of his favorite football team. I wanted to wear my Patriots stuff but I didnt. :) I did have my Pats hat on for awhile but took it off. Tony Dungy was very nice to everyone going through the line. This picture is right before he starting signing and he was showing his Super Bowl ring to the crowd. I feel bad for all those that waited in line for a long time and werent able to get an autograph.
Hope everyone has a GREAT Saturday!


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